1 million Blu-ray copies of ‘The Dark Knight’ expected to ship

VB reports that Warner Home Video is expected to ship more than 1 million Blu-ray copies of ‘The Dark Knight’ for its December 9th release date. This is believed to be a first for the Blu-ray format.

A few weeks ago Paramount sold 500,000 copies of ‘Iron Man’ on Blu-ray but it is unknown how many units were shipped.

Warner is also putting together many promotions in order to encourage customers to purchase ‘The Dark Knight’ and other Warner Bros. releases. “We have been working with key retailers to put together account specific offers, where we bundle a device or the PlayStation 3 remote with one of our titles, which gives the customers value in return,” said Dorinda Marticorena of Warner Bros.


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11/07/2008 | News | Comments

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