Interview with Batman: Gotham Knight’s Ana Ortiz

As one of the stars of the ABC’s “Ugly Betty,” Ana Ortiz plays Hilda Suarez, big sister to the title character. Today, Ortiz does a 180 from her current role by voicing gritty detective Anna Ramirez in the DC Universe original animated film “Batman Gotham Knight.” The film is available today, July 8, on DVD, Blu-Ray and OnDemand.

Ortiz took a few moments to discuss her role as detective Anna Ramirez.

Question: What were your impressions of your “Batman Gotham Knight” segments?

Ana Ortiz: I loved them – and I wanted more! This was one of my first real voiceovers and, to do it for Batman, that was quite an honor. My husband and all of his cartoony friends were really into it – they all watched my copy of the movie and dug it. I have to admit that it’s fun being in something that my guy friends could get into. So now I’ve got my macho cred, too.


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