Iron Man is flying high as it sits comfortably atop the Blu-ray mountain, claiming the spot of “best first week sales” for a Blu-ray movie. During its first week in stores, about 20% of Iron Man’s total sales were on Blu-ray. By comparison, I Am Legend logged about 9%.

According to retailers, the success is due to comic book, special effects and videogame fans— who are early adopters of the format and own PlayStation 3 consoles, which can play Blu-ray Discs. While that may be partly true, I believe it has to do with something much simpler– the movie is good! Hey Hollywood, make good movies and people will flock to them!

Update: The numbers are in and they’re huge! 7.2 million DVDs and more than 500,000 Blu-ray Discs were sold in the first week.